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Requirements for Registering out of state vehicles in Pennsylvania

1. Title of vehicle or certificate of origin-need security interest filing if vehicle was financed and now paid. Certificate of origin must have an odometer disclosure statement completed and notarized.

2. Bill of Sale

3. Proof of Pennsylvania Insurance. Current insurance card or policy, if new policy, need copy of binder.

4. Motor vehicle mileage.

5. Individual(s) whose name is listed on the front or back of title to appear in our office. Owner must have PA photo ID with current address.

6. Tracing or verification of serial number - Trucks must include serial number, gross weight and empty weight.

7. If owned by individual more that 6 months before establishing residence in Pennsylvania exempt from Pennsylvania sales tax.

  • Title Fee: $55.00

  • Lien Recording Fee: $26.00

  • Vehicle registration: Passenger $38.00

  • Vehicle registration: Truck- 5000 GW $64.00

Inspection requirements: Newly purchased vehicles or vehicles entering Pennsylvania require a state inspection within 10 days.

Those vehicles taken outside of Pennsylvania for 30 days or longer, must be re-inspected within 10 days of re-entry unless the inspection sticker is still current.